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What is gameGhost ?

GameGhost is a upcomming cloud gaming platform, where you can enjoy your fav Game on any screen with just an internet connection,
No need to buy expensive gaming pc get it on cloud
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Why GameGhost

with world class cloud technology we are here to serve you with the highest quality gaming expirence

whats cloud gaming ?

The future is here No Need to buy expensive gaming pc to play high end game play games using cloud machine which runs the game for you and you play it remotely


we are working to make this service extremely affordable for you so that you can play the games on cloud without any worries.


GameGhost is purely an indian platfrom made for indian gaming enthusiasts .

more surprises ?

GameGhost will be full of surprises, we are filling it up with some of the coolest feature you can imagine. live stream,community,voice chat and many more

launching soon !

we are testing out our technology with our some of the most high end games to bring out the best results for the gamsing community

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